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We at Assembly Yard want all clients, their guests and vendors to have the best possible experience whilst at the venue. It’s important to remember that we are an Exhibition and Reception Hall, and there are certain compliance standards that we must adhere to as imposed by the City of Fremantle. Above all else, as industry professionals, we must ensure that we carry ourselves with respect and care for the venue and all operators working within the space.

Which area are you?

We want all vendors to have a great experience at Assembly Yard. The list below is an abbreviated sub-section, meaning these are some points to help familiarise yourself with the venue. Kindly refer to our Conditions of Hire and Vendor Info Pack for greater details or kindly get in touch if further information is required.


It is the responsibility of the team running the bar to ensure responsible service of alcohol at all times during every event at Assembly Yard. Kindly understand venue limitations and ensure responsible disposal of all recyclable items.


All bar staff are to stay until the end of service and curfew of the venue. Under no circumstances are staff to leave prior to venue curfew and an open bar system comes into effect.


We suggest all catering staff are at the venue on time and within the loading dock area within a suitable timeframe to unload as to not disrupt ceremony proceedings. Kindly refer to the Vendor Info Pack for all information pertaining to power and on-site services.


A reminder that we at Assembly Yard provide adequate shelter, refrigeration, power sources and hot water – we do not however have a full kitchen and suggest that you liaise with the client or their team to better understand what equipment is required for your job. Power sources, although plentyful are required to be nominated before arriving on site as power is shared amongst all vendors.


Please familiarise yourself with the venue or arrange a site appointment if you have not been to the venue. We have a PA system that links up to our surround sound system that is available for use.


We are more than happy for you to bring your own system.

DJ / Live

Please refer to the Sound Notice provided to all clients as the information within this notice is helpful in becoming familiar with roles and responsibilities whilst you’re at the venue.

At Assembly Yard we must ensure that we comply with the current requirements of the Environmental Noise Protection Regulations as imposed by the City of Fremantle. What this means is that sound emitted is contained within the venue. We have a surround sound house system split into x3 zones and is complimentary to all performers. We understand the importance of sound quality, please get in touch with any queries or if you need a cut sheet for our in-house system.


Just a reminder that all green waste from installations must be disposed of responsibly in our Green Waste Bin, please refer to our Vendor Info Pack for waste management procedures.


We have brooms, pans and the like that can be used on site – please ask an AY staff member if you require any equipment or assistance.


For unloading and loading, furniture vendors can use the services entrance located to the North of the front gate which can be accessed via Montreal St. Under NO circumstances are vehicles or trucks delivering/collecting furniture and equipment permitted to enter via the front gate.


For bump in and out times, please get in touch with your client to check venue access. Please refer to our Vendor Info Pack and Conditions of Hire for more information.


Please refer to the Vendor Info Pack which includes a site plan and diagram that includes internal and external dimensions and power outlets.


We have x2 10amp outlets on the Internal North Wall and x2 10amp outlets on the Internal West Wall available to Lighting Vendors. For any additional queries on power, please get in touch with us via email.


Assembly Yard has a production store room available for photographers and videographers to use.


We kindly ask that vendors do not consume food or drink in the store room and only use the areas designated to them for their occupancy and storage uses of personal items at the venue.


We welcome all stylists and planners to the venue.

We ask that both the Conditions of Hire and Vendor Info Pack are fully understood prior to operating within the venue and if anything is unclear, kindly get in touch as we’ll be happy to assist with any query.

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